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Space – who doesn’t require it in the home? The best solution for this is a house extension in Bristol. It’s easy to understand when you can’t afford to move homes but still have a need for additional room in your house, so the best and most affordable service can be a home extension. There is a number of ways on how you could make more living space, which includes building single or two storey house extensions in Bristol which could include bedrooms, a dining room, extra or new kitchen areas, family rooms, bathrooms, etc.

We can also work to expand existing rooms, and we offer conversions too that can also add huge amounts of space to living areas inside the home. Wherever you may want more space, we can provide it to you.

some examples of our house extensions in Bristol

What kind of house extension in Bristol have you got in mind?

blueprint for a house extension in Bristol

We construct single and double storey house extensions in Bristol. We can extend your kitchen, your cellar, and various other areas in your home. The most common kind of house extensions we come across are extensions that provide kitchen and dining area, utility rooms or bigger living areas. Not just house, but flats and apartments can be extended as well, largely the top or ground floor ones.

If you’re thinking of house extensions in Bristol you need to know that it’s a good way of adding not just space to your life, but also value to your house. An extension adds up on average 10-20 % of value to your house. It is not a little job so it should be well thought over and the appropriate budget prepared. It is a costly business so be equipped for a substantial expense. But don’t worry, the extension pays back and you will improve the quality of your life and home.

How we work – building an extension process

First stage of building an extension

The extension work we provide is architect based. We start with complete set of drawings, check out the site and go over your expectations, ideas, and the all round project with you. The quote for the work you require in most cases be given within 10 business days, on condition that paperwork passed on by you is complete. In the quotation you’ll find everything broken down into different types, i.e. builder work, decorations, electrical work etc. If you want to go ahead with us we will obviously set a date that is practical for both parties and get to work on the date agreed, no setbacks or unpunctuality from our side. If you do not have architect’s drawings, we can advocate an architect to arrange them for you.

Managing house extension project

As we provide all trades in the service and are the contractor, the complete project is handled by Bristol Multitrades. You don’t need to become involved as all will be taken care of by us with co-operation with your architect. You can put your legs up and relax while waiting on completion of your extension.

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